Finca Valonga

An agricultural estate dedicated to the cultivation of vineyards, olive trees and walnut trees.

Former Templar encomienda, Valonga is located on the right bank of the Cinca River, in the municipality of Belver de Cinca. Valonga is an old agricultural farm with a comprehensive character, currently converted into a family agri-food company dedicated to the cultivation of vineyards, walnut trees, olive trees, almond trees and cereals, which directly markets its fruits.
Managed since 1931 by three generations of the same family, the estate already had vineyards and its own winery since the beginning of the 19th century. In the 80’s, the vineyards were replanted and all the facilities were renovated.
The estate of Finca Valonga
The estate of Finca Valonga

The winery

Tradition and technology.

The Finca Valonga winery, strategically located in the center of the vineyard, guarantees that the time between harvesting and processing the grapes is minimal, thus preserving their freshness and quality.

With the capacity to process grapes from the 60 hectares of vineyards, our winery is equipped with high technology, allowing each batch of grapes to be processed individually.

The winery of Finca Valonga
The winery of Finca Valonga
The winery of Finca Valonga

The walnuts

Our walnut tree plantation project was born in 2003.

In 2003, José Ferrer, believing in the ideal characteristics of our land for growing walnut trees, began a walnut plantation project. Over the years, the perfect adaptation of the chosen varieties has proven him right.

A few metres away from the walnut trees is the drying and packaging plant for the nuts, situated in such a way as to avoid any possible alterations to the fruit.

Processing begins with the manual and mechanical collection of nuts. Once clean we introduce them into a dryer to obtain the desired level of moistness.

We then measure them according to size and variety and we pack them on request, under a wholly natural process, without adding chemical products or blanching the nuts, which are only washed with water.

The walnuts of Finca Valonga
The walnuts of Finca Valonga
The walnuts of Finca Valonga

The vineyards

The vines are formed horizontally.

We cultivate different varieties: Tempranillo, Graciano, Garnacha, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The soil, of a clay alkaline composition, is shallow and low in organic material. The 1% slope is interspersed with small elevations. Our climate is very dry, barely reaching an annual average rainfall of 300 mm.

The cultivation is carried out 300m above sea level via an espalier system in vineyards whose average age is 35 years. The proximity of the vines to the winery and the selection at optimum ripeness, along with coordinated collection ensures that the grape arrives at the first steps of preparation with all its properties intact.

The vinyeards of Finca Valonga
The vinyeards of Finca Valonga
The vinyeards of Finca Valonga

The olive trees

We control the entire process, from the field to the bottle.

In 1994, we began to expand our olive cultivation, initially adding 6 hectares. Over the next 10 years, we continued to expand this crop, always with the aim of ensuring perfect traceability and control of the manufactured product.

For the plantation we chose two plots, with different characteristics in terms of orography, we opted as main variety for Arbequina, very widespread on the bank of Jalon, Somontano, and on the banks of the Cinca, also called blancal or arbequín. It is a variety of medium vigor, high productivity and early maturation due to its small size. It is also resistant to low temperatures and drought.

Regarding cultivation, our premise is to offer a product of the highest quality, controlling the entire process from the field to the bottle and, to this end, we monitor the cultivation very scrupulous throughout the year. We choose the optimal ripening time for harvesting, which is always early, starting in mid-October, when the harvest is over and almost never exceeds the beginning of November, thus sacrificing yield to get more flavor.

The olive trees of Finca Valonga (2)
Extra Virgin Oil from Finca Valonga
The olive trees of Finca Valonga