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At Finca Valonga we grow and produce high-quality nuts, controlling the entire process, from cultivation to marketing.

At Finca Valonga we grow walnut trees, producing a nut of quality and exquisite flavor, covering the entire production process, from cultivation, harvesting, processing, packaging and marketing.

Our goal is to achieve the highest quality while complying with strict food safety and hygiene measures, carrying out rigorous controls at all stages. We do not incorporate any chemical products or apply bleaching processes.

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In the plantation, we have a perfect acclimatization of the crop thanks to excellent agroclimatic conditions and permanent controls in the plantation.

At the end of September and beginning of October, the nuts begin to be at their optimal point of maturation and that is when we begin the collection of the earliest varieties, ending with the latest ones at the end of October.

Once the nuts have been collected, we transfer them to the processing plant, located a few meters from the plantation, where using a cleaning trommel, we remove the remains of hair, and we simply wash them with water to remove dirt and other remains.

Next, we carry out the first manual selection, removing those that have visible defects. After that, we dry them to reduce humidity to 8-10%. Finally, and after another manual control selection, we remove the empty ones or those with little weight and/or defects, and finally, we classify them according to their size in the following calibers:

< 30mm | 30-32mm | 32-34mm | 34-36mm | > 36 mm

Once calibrated, we package them, according to demand, in bags or meshes of 800 gr or 1kg and 2kg, and bags of 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg or 20 kg. We also have a walnut splitting line, to be able to supply walnut kernels, both in halves and pieces.

Properties of walnuts:According to the latest publications, following a diet enriched with 30 grams of nuts daily, at least half of them walnuts, reduces the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and stroke by 30%. , myocardial infarction and a long etc. Walnuts are a nut rich in antioxidants, such as powerful polyphenols and omega-3, all of which prevent and protect against age-related diseases, memory loss, cognitive deterioration, dementia, Alzheimer's, type 2 diabetes and different types of cancer. Add them to your breakfasts, salads, sauces and desserts, you will see that they are easy to consume between meals. The recommendation to benefit from their properties would be to consume between 3 and 4 nuts daily.
For each100 g
Calories617 kcal
Total Fats60 g
 of which saturated6.7 g
Carbohydrates13 g
 of which sugars3 .3 g
Proteins13 g
Sal0 g