Melon and prawns with mint salt

7/07/17 | Recipes

Love at first sight with this recipe, I saw it and I immediately set to work.

  • First – We mix the salt (two tablespoons) with a few mint leaves, well crushed to mortar and reserved
  • Second – With the ice cream spoon we make balls in melon (cantaloup or galia) and we reserve in the refrigerator
  • Third – We heat water with a bay leaves, pepper balls and a clove of garlic, when boiling we make the prawns (already peeled or frozen ) and leave them just 4 min, remove them and cool them quickly
  • Fourth – Prepare the maceration by stirring oil, lemon juice, chopped garlic, sea salt, 1 c / c honey and add the peeled prawns, leave to macerate an hour or two in the fridge
  • Fifth – Setting our plate: on a skewer we sprinkle melon, shrimp, etc. and serve it with the mint salt and we accompany VALONGA CHARDONNAY 2016 very cold!

Inspiration of july Elle Gourmet recipe.